Saturday, May 23, 2009

Learning from the collaborative innovation cases

While most of us are trying to understand and incorporate the collaborative innovation in our organizations, there are some people and organizations that have experienced it already, it makes lot of sense to understand these cases and learn from it.

I am starting a sister blog which will act as a repository of the success and failures in open innovation, collaborative innovation, co-creation from across the world.

Though the information going in these case studies is already available at various places on the internet, I am trying to achieve following.

1) Single point for reference.
2) Classify the case study information in a predefined format. (E.g. Industry, extent of openness etc.)
3) Uncover the finer and otherwise hidden aspects of these success or failure cases.

The format for the case study along with the first case study is posted at

Please feel free to suggest any changes or additions in the format.

You can also suggest a case study or point me to the case study.

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  1. Allow to inform you about a three day international conference I am chairing: ICE 2009 (see that has as theme this year Collaborative Innovation. There will be some 48 papers presented, some 20 workshops and keynotes also from Industry such Philips, Alcatel-Lucent, ESA-Estec, Tele2.That might be a great opportunity to meet practioners in the world of colloborative innovation.